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The procedures related to residence, various life situations (marriage, citizenship, birth of a child, maternity benefit and maternity leave), employment, education, healthcare and social insurance, or establishing a business are consistence  and valid throughout Slovakia. Recommended web sites or brochures in several languages will provide you with more detailed information. At the same time, you will learn about the institutions or offices in Košice where the official acts need to be performed.


General information and policy documents about residence, employment, housing, education or integration can be found on the web site of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic


Detailed and updated information in Slovak, English and Russian languages can be found on the web site of the IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC):


The IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC) is the first and unique information centre in Slovakia that provides comprehensive services to Non-EU nationals in one place. MIC services include free legal advice, social and vocational counselling, open courses of Slovak language,  support for retraining and further education, inclusion in the labour market and support of community life of foreigners.

Useful information regarding the residence and the employment of third country nationals, the information about the education system, health care, social security and other important domains of life in Slovakia, can be found in the brochures/fact sheets issued by IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC):






FAQ related to various life situations and legal procedures



Addresses of public institutions and offices in Košice

The Foreign Police Department is the state organ operating under the Ministry of Interior that covers issues relating to foreigners in Slovakia. Foreign nationals are required to report the place of their residence in Slovakia at the Foreign Police Department directly after their arrival to Slovakia. The notification must be in person.

The Units of Foreign Police of the Police Force Košice             

Trieda SNP 35, Košice 040 01

Email: kosicec@minv.sk 

Tel: +421-9619-31208

Web: http://www.minv.sk/?residence-of-an-foreigner 

Online booking system (maximum one month ahead): https://www.minv.sk/?ocp-pz-kosice                 


Based on their place of permanent residence, all Košice inhabitants belong to a specific office of their city district. The municipal offices of individual city districts comprise several departments such as:

Register/Citizens' residence records/Residence registration Office (deals with residence registrations, marriage, birth and death certificates, the determination of fatherhood, verifying of documents ...)

Social Department (social assistance and counselling for citizens at risk of social exclusion, lonely seniors, children or other target groups in a critical situation)

Education Department (establishes and monitors educational facilities in the territory of the city district, provides consultation on preschool and primary school education)

… and the others.


 City Districts Offices

Košice - Barca

Mayor:  František Krištof 

Address:  Abovská 32, 040 17 Košice              

Phone: +421 55 7262411     

E-mail:  mubarca@barca.sk       

Web:  www.barca.sk/  


Košice - Dargovských hrdinov

Mayor:  Mgr. Jozef Andrejčák

Address:   Dvorkinova 7, 040 22 Košice

Phone: +421 55 3009001

E-mail:   m-urad@kosice-dh.sk     

Web:  www.kosice-dh.sk/


Košice - Džungľa

Mayor:  Mgr. Ing. Adriana Šebeščáková Balogová            

Address:  Člnková 27, 040 01 Košice

Phone:  +421 55 6322475

E-mail: mu.dzungla@post.sk 



Košice - Juh

Mayor: JUDr. Jaroslav Hlinka

Address:  Smetanova 4, 040 01 Košice

Phone: +421 55 7208000

E-mail: urad@kosicejuh.sk

Web: www.kosicejuh.sk


Košice - Kavečany

Mayor:  JUDr. Martin Balčík

Address:  Široká 17/A, 040 01 Košice

Phone:+421 55 6334100 

E-mail:  starosta.kavecany@kosice.sk 

Web: www.kosicekavecany.sk


Košice - Košická Nová Ves

Mayor:  Ing. Michal Krcho

Address:  Mliečna 1, 040 14 Košice

Phone:  +421 55   Fax:   +421 55 6713974

E-mail:   mcknv@netkosice.sk  

Web:   www.kosickanovaves.sk


Košice - Krásna

Mayor:  Ing. Peter Tomko

Address:  Opátska 18, 040 18 Košice

Phone:+421 55 6852128    Fax:  +421 55 6852874

E-mail:  sekretariat@kosicekrasna.sk  

Web:  www.kosicekrasna.sk


Košice - Lorinčík

Mayor:  Damián Exner

Address:  Lorinčík 15, 040 11 Košice 

Phone:+421 55 7898990      Fax:+421 55 7898990

E-mail:   urad@lorincik.eu  

Web:   www.lorincik.eu


Košice - Luník IX

Mayor:  Bc. Marcel Šaňa

Address:   Krčméryho 2, 040 11 Košice

Phone:+421 55 6435252

E-mail:  lunik9@centrum.sk 

Web:  www.mclunik9.sk


Košice - Myslava

Mayor:  Ing. Iveta Šimková

Address:  Pod horou 22, 040 16 Košice

Phone:+421 55 7897971   

E-mail:  myslava@internetkosice.sk  

Web:  www.myslava.eu


Košice - Nad jazerom

Mayor:  Ing. Mgr. Lenka Kovačevičová

Address:  Poludníková 7, 040 12 Košice

Phone:  +421 55  3027711    Fax:   +421 55 6741690

E-mail:   sekretariat@jazerokosice.sk  

Web:   www.jazerokosice.sk


Košice - Pereš

Mayor:   Ing. Jozef Karabin, MBA

Address:   Revúcka 14, 040 11 Košice

Phone:  +421 55 6229664  

E-mail:  info@mcperes.sk   

Web:   www.mcperes.sk


Košice - Poľov

Mayor:  Ing. Ladislav Brada

Address:  Ulica Dolina 2, 040 15 Košice

Phone:  +421 55 6845106      Fax:  +421 55 6845106

E-mail:  sekretariat@mcpolov.sk   

Web:  www.mcpolov.sk


Košice - Šaca

Mayor:  Ing. Daniel Petrík

Address:   Železiarenská 9, 040 15 Košice  

Phone:+421 055 7260811      Fax:+421 055 6842535

E-mail:   saca@saca.sk  

Web:   www.saca.sk


Košice - Šebastovce

Mayor:  Monika Puzderová

Address:  Podbeľová 1, 040 17 Košice

Phone:  +421 55 6768007      Fax:  +421 55 6768007

E-mail:  mcsebastovce@netkosice.sk  

Web:   www.sebastovce.sk


Košice - Sever

Mayor:    Ing. František Ténai

Address:    Festivalové námestie 2, 040 01 Košice  

Phone:   +421 55 6324773  

E-mail:  info@kosicesever.sk   

Web:    www.kosicesever.sk


Košice - Sídlisko KVP

Mayor:   Mgr. Ladislav Lörinc

Address:   Trieda KVP 1, 040 23 Košice

Phone:  +421 55 7890610      Fax:+421 55 6430256

E-mail:   sekret@mckvp.sk  

Web:   www.mckvp.sk


Košice - Sídlisko Ťahanovce

Mayor:   Ing. Mgr. Miloš Ihnát   

Address:    Americká trieda 15, 040 13 Košice

Phone:   +421 55 6362582  

E-mail:    mutah@tahanovce.sk  

Web:    www.tahanovce.net


Košice - Staré Mesto

Mayor:   Ing. Igor Petrovčik

Address:   Hviezdoslavova 7, 040 01 Košice

Phone:  +421 55 6222026  

E-mail:   starosta@kosice-city.sk  

Web:   www.kosice-city.sk 


Košice - Ťahanovce

Mayor:   Ing. Ján Nigut     

Address:  Ťahanovská 28, 040 13 Košice 

Phone:   +421 055 6369428       Fax:  +421 055 6369428          

E-mail:  info@tahanovce.eu  

Web:  www.tahanovce.eu


Košice - Vyšné Opátske

Mayor:  Ing. Viktor Mikluš

Address:   Nižná úvrať 25, 040 01 Košice  

Phone:   +421 55 6763136      Fax:  +421 55 6763136

E-mail:  starosta.opatske@kosice.sk  

Web:  www.vysneopatske.sk


Košice - Západ

Mayor:   Mgr. Marcel Vrchota  

Address:   Trieda SNP 39, 040 11 Košice

Phone:+421 55 7883200       Fax:+421 55 7883209 

E-mail:   miestnyurad@kosicezapad.sk 

Web:  www.kosicezapad.sk   



The competencies of the local government apply to all inhabitants of Košice, regardless of their nationality or country of origin. It applies to foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Košice. Various departments of the City Municipality Office provide a number of services to the Košice inhabitants. 

The City Municipality Office of Košice (Košice City Hall) 

Trieda SNP 48/A, 040 11 Košice 

First Contact Office

Email: kontakt@kosice.sk 

Tel: 055 - 6419 111

Web: https://www.kosice.sk/obcan/kancelaria-prveho-kontaktu-magistrat-mesta-kosice                   


Regional office 

Office of the Košice Self-governing Region

Námestie Maratónu mieru 1, 042 66  Košice

E-mail: vuc@vucke.sk 

Tel: +421 55 7268 115 (for English and German)

Web: https://web.vucke.sk/en/facts/welcome/welcome.html


In the Labour offices you can seek employment consultation, consult education or retraining courses, apply for the state social support (particularly for families with children), material need benefits, social services, a care allowance or disability benefits.

The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Košice

Staničné námestie 9, 040 01 Košice

Email: ke@upsvr.gov.sk

Tel: 055 - 2442 202, 055 - 2442 209 (employment of third country nationals and EU citizens)

Web: https://www.upsvr.gov.sk/ke.html?page_id=232158


At a tax office you can sort out matters related to tax payments.

The Tax Office

Železničná 1, 040 90 Košice

Email: duke-ke.kontakt@financnasprava.sk

Tel: 055 - 78 30 111 (clients zone), 048 - 43 17 222 (call centrum)

Web: https://www.financnasprava.sk/en/homepage


At the branch of the Košice Social Insurance Agency you can arrange pension insurance, sickness insurance, self-employed persons’ insurance and social security premiums.

Social Insurance Agency Košice

Festivalové nám. 1

041 84 Košice 

Email: kosicemesto@socpoist.sk 

Tel: 0906 174 411

Web: https://www.socpoist.sk/?lang=en


Basic information related health insurance for EU citizens or third country nationals can be found on the web sites of three insurance companies.

Health Insurance Company Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, Košice

Senný trh 1, 040 01 Košice

Email: infolinka@vszp.sk 

Tel: 0850 003 003

Web: https://www.vszp.sk/en/how-become-our-insured-person/


Health Insurance Company Union, Košice

Hlavná 117, 040 01 Košice

Email: union@union.sk

Tel:  0850 003 333

Web: https://www.union.sk/health-insurance-for-foreigners


Health Insurance Company Dôvera, Košice

Werferova 1, 040 01 Košice

Email: info@dovera.sk

Tel:  0850 850 850

Web: https://www.dovera.sk/o-nas/english-info


In case you need to exchange your non-EU driving licence or need to consult any safety issues you can visit:

District Directorate of Police Force in Košice

Rampová 7, 040 81 Košice

Tel: 09619 11111

Web: https://www.minv.sk/?okresne-riaditelstvo-pz-v-kosiciach


If you as a foreigner intend to conduct a trade, you need to notify the Trade Licencing Department and obtain a Trade Licence from the District Office of Košice. Recognition of leaving certificates and diplomas issued by a secondary school or high school in other member state of The European union or in a third country is undertaked  at the Department of Education of the District Office of Košice.

District Office of Košice - the Trade Licencing Department

Komenského 52, Košice

Tel: 055 - 6001 160

Web: www.minv.sk/?zivnostenske-podnikanie


District Office of Košice  - the Department of Education

Zádielska 1, Košice

Tel: 055 - 7245 442

Web: www.minv.sk/?nostrifikacia-dokladov