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Access to archival documents

Access to archival documents

The book of newly admitted citizens

Unless stated by law otherwise, archival documents kept in the Archives are accessible to the public. Access is available by producing researches, trandocuments, extracts, certificates, copies, by studying and public exhibitions of archival documents. Access is granted upon receiving a written application.

Researches and administrative information (trandocuments, extracts, certificates and copies) made from archival documents are handed out and priced according to valid standards and pricelists.

Studying in the archives is subject to the Researching Order. A study hall with the capacity of 12 seats is available to researchers in the building on 20 Kováčska Street. The archives do not offer any original document dated to 1526 as well as any documents which could be damaged or destroyed in the process.

The archives have the right to limit access to archival documents and exercise it, if; state security, the rights and rightfully protected interests of living persons would be in danger; if there would be a threat of damage to the archival documents; if the researcher grossly violated the Researching Order and if the conditions valid at the time the documents were stored state so. Access to personal data is possible following a period of 90 years since the entry or after a written consent with a verified signature of the natural person to which the data belong or the signature of their legal representative, if the natural person does not live, is presented.

The archives allow the exhibition of archival documents only rarely and pursuant to a contract. The exhibitioner is obliged to insure the documents.

Source: The Košice City Archives