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Hockey piece of advice: People should prefer Košice

You recommended Košice to the readers. Why?
"When you want to see especially hockey, Košice offers more free tickets, accommodation is easier to find, although there are some hotels which have increased prices three times. Moreover, Košice take the championship more seriously and has prepared much more accompanying events. "

Do citizens of Košice live more with the championship?
"Now, at the beginning of the championship certainly yes. Of course, if Slovakia is to fight for a medal, Bratislava and all Slovakia will be more excited. "

Where are the differences?
"When I arrived to Košice in the tourist information center, where they have a lot of souvenirs and leaflets, they were able to give me information where I could stay, or the events taking place, immediately. When I arrived to Bratislava, I felt that I was 80 years back in time. They had almost no leaflets were not able to advise me and the lady was unhappy with the fact that I asked her for something. "

Is it true that Bratislava seems to be too expensive for the Czechs?
"It is true. Indeed, Bratislava is sometimes expensive even in comparison with Prague. Medium standard hotels and services, where even if you do not get top quality but nevertheless you are satisfied and it does not cost you huge money are missing in Bratislava. "

What can tourists actually like in Slovakia?
"If anything what is really worth to travel to Slovakia in case the Czechs and Slovaks play finals, it is definitely the atmosphere. The atmosphere in Bratislava is much better than when we fought the world champion in the Czech Republic. When we got to the finals, there were one or two squares that, but in case of the Slovaks the whole Bratislava lived with it. "